Wild Actions is a container for independent, experimental, movement-based performance installations. It brings together dancers, musicians, writers, actors, designers, and visual artists to create intimate, small-scale shows, evening length performances, and opportunities for collaboration and new work. We address alternative points of view with non-linear narratives, noise and experimental sound scores, and improvised choreography without boundaries of predictive line or uniform flow. WA revels in approaching the obstacle, the impossible, the everyday, and the momentary in order to relate and perform with more freedom. 

Our work invites audience/participants to replenish their art-viewing agency by simply sharing the responsibility of what happens during a performance. We typically use 360° performance spaces; encourage the audience/participants to share personal space with each other and performers; to move when and why they want; and be a part of the decision making process in real time. Without prescribed configurations such as a fourth wall, dark theater, or stillness the public has the opportunity to experience the performance from inside their own moving body. This can allow them to more easily make personal choices and find their own place within the performance and their relationship to the action.

Sharing space, having responsibility towards oneself and one’s surroundings, co-creating with one’s peers, and being attentive to the physical body’s needs are values Wild Actions strive to cultivate. These are essential – for performance and everyday living. We ask the public join us in search of new moments where we can say yes to each other, not trying to avoid conflict, instead embracing the natural state of complexity and conflict we all inhabit. 


"As a movement-based improviser and collaborator, I am always intrigued and nourished when I find those moments of new, unfamiliar places, especially when they resonate deeply with YES. Perhaps it’s an agreement with myself or one other or many people at once, but the YES is what I strive for. Nothing can be repeated exactly the same way twice but a similar feeling can be found over and over, and that pathway can happen in a million different ways. I’m not looking for comfort in knowing what’s coming next, I revel in discovery, which can be odd or messy or uneasy at times. But accessing a deeper sense of understanding and intrigue and YES makes it worth the risk."  -Ginger Wagg