Frivolous Artist

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a live performance installation

The Durham Fruit & Produce Co. 

March 25, 26, 29, 30, 31 at 7:30pm every night

part of the 2017-18 DIDA season 4

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Directed by Ginger Wagg

Co-created with Patience

Collaborators/Performers - Crowmeat Bob, Mike Geary, Danny Grewen, Carley McCready

Sound Engineer Jil Christensen

Site Manager Meg Williams




Is art allowed to be frivolous, disposable? Isn't it a kind of needless luxury? Does the current state of our world change its significance? What about the last resolute viewpoint you had - does that reshape how you art?

What's the value of walking away from a show having simply been entertained? Slightly politically challenged? Deeply moved? Emotionally transformed? If you come away with more questions than answers, have you wasted your night? 

Will you give me the privilege of wasting your night?

Do you want me to prove it's worth it?


What if I can't... 



insisting you didn’t fall down while your face is mashed into the grassridiculous, common and unavoidable nature of life, mostly being a professional artist while still struggling with how the fuck to define that and how others’ insist on defining that, serious not serious, break objects by hand, then small tool, then large tool, strength and endurance, both physical and emotional, real fakeness is real, often hidden, unattainable, and disputable world of language, everyday/mundane & contradictory self-awareness, disheartened lack of motivation, profound in-articulation of one’s thoughts and feelings at the worst possible moments, smooth, all these expressions, experiences, emotions are at once universal and utterly meaningless to everyone but myself…


Frivolous Artist is dedicated to Steven Walls, Nhique Hipple, Ed Tyler & Valere Wagg


BIG thank yous to DIDA & our sponsors - Bowbarr (Carrboro, NC), The Durham (Durham, NC), and The Fruit (Durham, NC). And to our contributors for helping make this show materialize - anonymous, Jane Holding, Walker Brown, Amelia Vogler, Jen Wolfe, Sarah Honer, Chris Vitiello, Mic Finger, Kevin Bullick, Susan Harbage Page, Richard Butner, Tim Walter, Rodney Derrick, Sensho Wagg, Jaclyn Bowie, John Rice, TJ Ward, Meg Williams, Bob Proctor.

Immense gratitude to WA collaborators - Patience, Mike Geary, Carley McCready, Crowmeat Bob, Danny Grewen, Jil Christiansen, Meg Williams, Soleil Konkel, Angela Hugghins, Sylvia Herbold & advisors - Tommy Noonan, Sarah Honer, Murielle Elizéon. 


Ginger Wagg & Wild Actions Ginger Wagg & Wild Actions is a container for independent, collaborative, movement-based performance installations. A rotating group of artists create intimate, small-scale shows, evening length performances, and opportunities for collaboration and new work. We address alternative points of view with non-linear narratives, noise/experimental sound scores, and improvised choreography. WA is committed to using site-specific venues and public spaces in order to invite audiences to interact and purposefully impact performances in real time. Wild Actions revels in approaching the obstacle, the impossible, the everyday, and the momentary.


DIDA (Durham Independent Dance Artists) raises the profile of independent dance in Durham by curating a season of dance performances by local choreographers. We connect audiences and artists, providing audiences with easy access to exciting local work and providing artists with increased visibility to local audiences.



Want to support the creation of this work? We still need your help!

At our fundraiser on Sunday, March 11 and with the help of our core supporters and colleagues, we were able to reach just above half of our budget - enough to pay for documentation & promotion! We're still fundraising to cover the cost of costumes, visual installation materials and the trucks to haul them to the Fruit. 

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