Articulating Value in the Arts Symposium
10:00 am10:00

Articulating Value in the Arts Symposium

  • Durham, NC

Official date & time tba!

Sponsored by Culture Mill, AV is co-facilitated by Tommy Noonan, Murielle Elizeon, Chris Vitiello & Ginger Wagg

Check out what we've been up to so far - Articulating Value

This project hopes to seed new opportunities for a diverse arts community through a sustained consideration of the relationship between art and value. The project consists of a series of community conversations, heading toward a more traditionally structured conference late this year and an eventual print publication.

We started last year with small conversations among the core group of four. Then we had a large gathering of around 40 people at the Carrack in Durham. Now we’re facilitating gatherings in the three points of the Triangle—we did one in Durham at the Shed, this one at Anchorlight, and one next month at the Nightlight in Chapel Hill. We’re doing things this way in order to gradually grow this project out of the kinds of casual, personal conversations after gallery openings or during rehearsal breaks that we all have all the time, and that usually end with “we should do X or we should start Y” and then we have a second whiskey or get back into performance mode.

So, those initial small conversations among our core four folks produced a set of 10 big questions about value and the arts. Those 10 questions produced discussion in our first large gathering that headed into two broad categories:

  • The needs, aspirations, and purposes of artists;
  • Both the existing and the missing organizational resources for artists in our communities and cities.

That discussion has prompted a variety of activity in the areas of arts advocacy and resource sharing and development. People are making new relationships with local governments and businesses to create opportunities for artistic projects or new access to spaces. People are launching advocacy initiatives in the context of probable massive changes to traditional arts funding structures. People are sketching out new, more agile arts organizations that could better address needs that aren’t being addressed, or are under-addressed.

Articulating Value in the Arts is an evolving platform, which will end with a large public forum in September of 2017. Below, please find information as to the past and future gatherings, the 10 questions at the core of the project, and how some local and visiting artists have addressed those questions. As the project evolves, this website will contain links to further interviews, writings and initiatives which result from the discussions and gatherings.

- Chris Vitiello, Murielle Elizéon, Tommy Noonan and Ginger Wagg

Granite in Reverse - a live performance at Geij
9:00 pm21:00

Granite in Reverse - a live performance at Geij

  • Market Plaza - Block2 Video Series


A sculptural alleyway performance by Jaclyn Bowie & Ginger Wagg

Block2 Video Series at Market Plaza, Downtown Raleigh

Friday, June 14. 9- 9:30pm + 10- 10:30pm

PLAUSIBLE WORLDS presents a site-specific outdoor performance by Ginger Wagg in collaboration with Jaclyn Bowie, featured video artist. Viewers are invited to participate in a silent tour of the alleyway park and enjoy environmental enhancements provided by Bowie and Wagg.

PLAUSIBLE WORLDS is presented by Raleigh Arts, a division of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources. The City of Raleigh and the Office of Raleigh Arts gratefully acknowledge First Citizen. Block2 on view May 15 – September 30, 2017.


Reflex Arc at VAE/Under Pressure
12:00 pm12:00

Reflex Arc at VAE/Under Pressure

  • Visual Art Exchange

Reflex Arc plays its first long form endurance show as part of Under Pressure, the VAE's first performance art series. We'll start at noon and go as many rounds as we can!

Wednesday July 12

Performances - every hour on the hour from 12pm-5pm

Chat time/nap time - 5:30 - 6:00pm

Visual Art Exchange - Under Pressure 

Reflex Arc is one of eleven performance projects/artists chosen to take over the VAE gallery during the month of July. More info here & here.

Jason Lescalleet / Cheer-Accident / Wagg+Wet Work @ NL
Jun 22

Jason Lescalleet / Cheer-Accident / Wagg+Wet Work @ NL

  • Nightlight Bar & Club

Nightlight Bar & Club

$8 / doors @ 9:00 / music @ 9:30 / all ages / FB event page

JASON LESCALLEET - Nightlight is always excited to host this electro-acoustic sound explorer / innovator from Maine. The methodology of his performances varys, from tape-based applications to hi-definition digital expressions and various avenues in between, the results are unique, varied, mind-expanding excursions into the world of sound... DO NOT MISS THIS NIGHTLIGHT FAVORITE!!!

CHEER-ACCIDENT - This long-standing, Chicago-based ensemble led by Thymme Jones will be making their first appearance at the club. They're touring in support of their 18th(!!!) album (and third on the Cuneiform label).

WAGG+WET WORK - ok, seriously, this is Mike Geary, "Crowmeat" Bob Pence, and Ginger Wagg performing together in a new configuration... this is like a mashup of Reflex Arc and Wet Work

$8 / doors @ 9:00 / music @ 9:30 / all ages

Wild Actions joins Flatsitter at MOOGFEST!
May 20

Wild Actions joins Flatsitter at MOOGFEST!

  • Durham, NC

Flatsitter returns to Durham for the second year with MoogFest!

The Dream Wanderer virtual reality bus will be parked in Durham with periodic performances in and around the bus by Wild Actions. 

More details on where to find the bus coming soon...


Reflex Arc plays SAVAGE WEEKEND 2017
May 13

Reflex Arc plays SAVAGE WEEKEND 2017

  • Nightlight Bar & Club

Local music maker and curator Ryan Martin continues to blast us out into space in this 6th year of Savage. 

Nightlight Bar & Club hosts 2 days of back-to-back 15-minute sets from over 80 sound/music/noise/beat makers coming all the way from Berlin to Kansas City to New Orleans and NC.

Reflex Arc plays early on Friday 12th

$20 per day

all ages

FB invite and line-up here

Nakatani Gong Orchestra @ King's Barcade
9:00 pm21:00

Nakatani Gong Orchestra @ King's Barcade

  • Kings

I'm psyched to take a workshop and then perform as part of the...

NGO, NAKATANI GONG ORCHESTRA, is a contemporary live Sound Art project that tours throughout North and Central America.

Kings in Raleigh, Doors at 8pm

NGO is a continuous, growing community engagement project; and the only bowing Gong orchestra in existence in the world today. The rich harmonies produced from multiple layers of bowed gongs are transformative, engaging and inspiring for both players and audiences.

The gong bows and surrounding instrumentation equipment are handmade by Nakatani Kobo. For each performance, participating gong players are selected by a local presenter.

Nakatani gives a specialized training workshop to gong players in preparation for the performance. Players will also experience Nakatani’s own unique point of view regarding Gong techniques, and will experience undiscovered dimensions while immersed in the vibrations and sounds during a training workshop. Nakatani is the composer and conductor for the evening of the performance.

 check out a video & the venue here & the FB invite here

Reflex Arc opens for N. Elementary release party!
8:30 pm20:30

Reflex Arc opens for N. Elementary release party!

  • Cat's Cradle

North Elementary

“and Every Color You Have Ever Seen”

Album Release Show

The Wyrms, S E Ward, Reflex Arc

Cat's Cradle - Back Room
Doors 7:30 PM / 8:30PM Show
pre-sale $6


Cat's Cradle - tickets & more info here

FB event page

North Elementary

The Wyrms

S E Ward


In a scene where bands hatch and dissolve, sometimes in the span of months, North Elementary have been stalwarts who continue on with a determined pacing that’s lent them a longevity other groups can only envy. Thiers’ is a history that one could spend paragraphs unravelling, but let it suffice to say that over more than a decade of music with 7 full lengths and various EPs and 7” releases under their belts, North Elementary have plundered and explored the cosmic depths of rock and roll. Their forthcoming 8th full length, “And Every Color You Have Ever Seen” is a document of the group’s curiosity and restlessness. There’s more space left to be explored, and they are happy to rocket into that unknown with discovery on the brain.

That’s not to say that North Elementary has forsaken what they do best. There are still starry-eyed lyrical musings paired with six-string supernovas. Psychedelic textures are still punctuated by aggressive counterpoints. Harmonies and hypnotic keys create a nebulous rainbow that fill the void between solar systems. And all the while the well-tuned rhythm machine serves as an engine that never fails to push the group wherever the ship gets steered. The differences here are mostly in time, not texture. Previous releases have leaned towards songs that stretch out and get where they want to go… eventually. Most of the tracks on “And Every Color You Have Ever Seen”, however, clock in around three and a half minutes or less. This just might be the first proper Pop record that North Elementary has recorded. 

While most groups start pop and end up experimental, North Elementary have never been ones to do things conventionally. With their collective experience they have managed to incorporate the aforementioned hallmarks of their sound in a more concise structure, and it works to great effect. This record is full of songs that feel longer than they actually are, and still end earlier than you want them to. “Waste A Day” squeezes a serpentine jam in the middle of a tight tune. “Wrapped Up Like Glass” veers into Pop-Punk territory but still swirls with tripped out sonic tracers. “Slippin’ Into the Sun” might contain the mantra of the whole record with the lyric, “I’m slippin’ into the Sun, but I’m not burnin’ up.” North Elementary certainly haven’t burned up, but they are on fire. “And Every Color You Have Ever Seen” is a testament to this fact.

Make Dance Break Dance
Feb 26

Make Dance Break Dance

  • Nightlight Bar & Club

Wild Actions presents Make Dance Break Dance - a party for all to get down!

Classic dance jams from way back when!

DJ's KB, Hunnicutt, Jack Ward, and Ryah

Saturday February 25th (the new moon!)


Nightlight Bar & Club in Chapel Hill

Palberta / Fitness Womxn / Wild Actions
9:00 pm21:00

Palberta / Fitness Womxn / Wild Actions

wild jagged no wavey post punk
releases on Feeding Tube Records, new lp on Wharf Cat

new band comprised of local heavy-hitting personalities! First show in Chapel Hill I think

inspired movement artist Ginger Wagg & co


9:30 doors / 10PM show

Reflex Arc joins Prison Books Benefit!
8:00 pm20:00

Reflex Arc joins Prison Books Benefit!

  • Nightlight Bar & Club

Prison Books Collective Fundraiser

Friday, February 17 at 8 PM - 11 PM

Nightlight Bar & Club, Chapel Hill

RA wants you to come show love and support for those incarcerated and in need. See you there!

100% of proceeds go to Prison Books Collective (an all volunteer collective).

FB event page

Nicki Rivers + band
Nicki studied vocal performance at the New School for Jazz & Contemporary Music in NY. She has performed in various venues from Japan to Paris, and has studied with Jazz masters from Shelia Jordan, to DeeDee Bridgewater, Drum Maestro Chico Hamilton, and mentored by pianist Jim Bell.

Reflex Arc + friends
A two piece experimental and improvisational band. Crowmeat Bob plays a variety of horns + sometimes electric guitar while Ginger Wagg plays a variety of body parts, spaces, and emotional states. 

UNC Wordsmiths

ALL money from the event will go to Prison Books Collective to help them support people in prison by sending them books and zines. 
If you are unable to attend, please consider supporting here:

8-11 pm, $10, $8 low-income/senior/student discount, all ages


Reflex Arc joins The Paul Swest February residency
9:00 pm21:00

Reflex Arc joins The Paul Swest February residency

  • The Cave

Every Wednesday in February The Paul Swest is taking over The Cave. We're happy to be joining them on their mission to incite chaos and wonder. See you there!

The Paul Swest playing THE CAVE
accompanied by different special guests each night.

FEB 15 Reflex Arc  Patrick Gallagher Boogie Reverie

The Cave

452 1/2 West Franklin St (down the stairs) Chapel Hill, NC


LUMP Relaunch performance week
Feb 5

LUMP Relaunch performance week

  • Lump

Wild Actions is stoked to be performing THREE TIMES for the relaunch of Lump in Raleigh, NC!

Saturday January 28th with Mike Geary & Liam O'Neill during the Kick Off party

Thursday February 2nd with Amanda Barr

Saturday February 4th 3pm-7pm WANNA FEEL THE HEAT 

Ginger Wagg & Wild Actions present the first exploration of Wanna Feel the Heat, a new long-format live movement and music work. Over the course of four hours the audience is invited to interact and direct the performers, essentially creating the performance structure in real time. The audience will be invited to choose which instrument or sound score is played; what objects are used or not; what space the performers occupy; and (probably the most presumptuous) the option to join in and move whenever and however they want. There will be a rule or two for public safety but other than that it will be a (wink, wink) open canvas.

Director - Audience
Mover – Ginger Wagg
Horns – Crowmeat Bob
Drums – Charles Chace
Electronics - Jil Christensen

check out teamlump

"Lump is located in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina. Combining the rigor and professionalism of a commercial gallery with the experimental attitude of alternative spaces, we present exhibitions and projects with emerging, mid-career and under-recognized artists. With a fifteen year history, we remain committed to the exhibition of challenging and thought-provoking contemporary art that falls outside the confines of a commodity-driven art market. 

Lump is an artist-run space that does not represent artists and and conducts itself without commercial compromise."



Wild Actions joins the March!
9:00 am09:00

Wild Actions joins the March!

  • Independence Ave SW & 3rd St SW Washington, DC 20024 usa

Yup, it's time to hit the road and stand up for what we believe in.

We will be joining many many other women (of all varieties) acting wild, showing their conviction and strength. Please join us.

More info:  Womens MarchFacebook

"We stand together in solidarity with our partners and children for the protection of our rights, our safety, our health, and our families - recognizing that our vibrant and diverse communities are the strength of our country.


The rhetoric of the past election cycle has insulted, demonized, and threatened many of us - immigrants of all statuses, Muslims and those of diverse religious faiths, people who identify as LGBTQIA, Native people, Black and Brown people, people with disabilities, survivors of sexual assault - and our communities are hurting and scared. We are confronted with the question of how to move forward in the face of national and international concern and fear.

In the spirit of democracy and honoring the champions of human rights, dignity, and justice who have come before us, we join in diversity to show our presence in numbers too great to ignore. The Women’s March on Washington will send a bold message to our new government on their first day in office, and to the world that women's rights are human rights. We stand together, recognizing that defending the most marginalized among us is defending all of us.

We support the advocacy and resistance movements that reflect our multiple and intersecting identities. We call on all defenders of human rights to join us. This march is the first step towards unifying our communities, grounded in new relationships, to create change from the grassroots level up. We will not rest until women have parity and equity at all levels of leadership in society. We work peacefully while recognizing there is no true peace without justice and equity for all.


Wild Actions hits the road with FLATSITTER!
Dec 4

Wild Actions hits the road with FLATSITTER!

  • Art Basel - Miami Beach

Oh yes. Wild Actions is getting join the inaugural ride of the Dream Wanderer Virtual Reality bus by FLATSITTER (Buffalo, NY). 

More info to come but here are some things to peek at in the meantime:

FLATSITTER to learn more about the project, the bus, and how to help make it all happen. Cuz that's how this works right?! We gotta make it happen...been talking a lot about social capital round here lately...

The Creators Project highlighted FLATSITTER & the bus! Check out what they had to say.

And from what a birdie's been saying in my ear, the bus *should* be visiting Durham, NC next Spring!

Wild Actions @ NO ONE MIND Release Party
8:00 pm20:00

Wild Actions @ NO ONE MIND Release Party

  • Neptune's Parlour

No One Mind Album Release Party

November 20, 2016 @ Neptune's Parlour
featuring Ginger Wagg & Wild Actions & Moon Racer
Projections tba

FB event page

It's been three years in the making, and now, thanks to Third Uncle Records, NOM has a vinyl totem for you! Additional details will follow, but for now, they're excited to announce special performances by

Ginger Wagg & Wild Actions with Katie O'Neil & Crowmeat Bob
Performing their new work
Blue & Black
"What was is no longer, what we had we will now discard."


Moon Racer (gorgeous glitter lo fi synth dream arrangements)

A few reviews of the new NOM album

From Indyweek:
From Bandcamp:

Reflex Arc @ Mojave Interlude Record Release
8:00 pm20:00

Reflex Arc @ Mojave Interlude Record Release

  • The Shed

Mojave Interlude by Joe Westerlund
Record Release

Featuring Experimental Music + Dance by

Thursday, October 27, 2016, 8-11pm
The Shed, Durham, NC | $8

Facebook info

This evening of experimental music and dance celebrates the release of Joe Westerlund’s Mojave Interlude on Northern Spy Records. 

Westerlund opens with a solo percussion set; Reflex Arc ("Crowmeat" Bob Pence and Ginger Wagg) follows with improvised music/dance; and, EFIRD/WESTERLUND locally premier I am Come for You, a dance/theater score set to Mojave Interlude performed by choreographer, Carson Efird, and dancers, Meg Fishburn and Porter Witsell. Mojave Interlude will be mixed live by Westerlund during the performance.

Joe Westerlund is a percussionist, composer, improviser and vocalist who records and tours internationally with Megafaun, Califone and Gayngs among others. He composes music for film and modern dance, and, most recently recorded a "children's cirquestral song cycle for adults" under the moniker Grandma Sparrow.

Reflex Arc is a two-piece experimental & improvisational band. Crowmeat Bob plays a variety of horns & sometimes electric guitar while Ginger Wagg plays a variety of body parts, spaces and emotional states.

EFIRD/WESTERLUND is the experimental dance and music collaborations between North Carolina-based choreographer, Carson Efird, and composer, Joe Westerlund. They met in an improvisation for dancers and musicians class at Bennington College in 2003.

The Muse Masquerade
8:00 pm20:00

The Muse Masquerade

Blue and Black

a lost procession with movement & live marching band

wandering through the 21C Hotel from 8:30-9:30pm

featuring: Katie O'Neil, Crowmeat Bob, Dave Cantwell, Danny Grewen & Ginger Wagg



Conjure your inner muse, don a mask and join us for an evening of revelry in support of The Carrack.

The 2nd Annual Muse Masquerade merges the highlights of our inaugural extravaganza with the daring spirit of cabaret. Please join us for another magical evening of experimental performance, tarot, interactive experiences, live poetry, theater, music, art, drag, and dancing at 21c Museum Hotel on Friday, October 14, 8:00 p.m. - midnight.

How do you Muse?
• Wander through a three-storied labyrinth of art and sound experiences provided by Little Green Pig Theatrical ConcernCulture Mill, Ginger Wagg & Wild Actions, and local dancers
• Request an impromptu poem from The Poetry Fox
• Discover the secrets your cards hold.
• Follow mysterious clues to win prizes in a unique scavenger hunt.
• Lounge in the galleries with Tea Cup Gin or get down to vinyl in the Vault.
• Immerse yourself in tantalizing performances by The VaudeVillain Revueand a legendary drag queen Shasta Kola.
• Dance until midnight with The Boulevard Ensembleshirlette ammons and The Floor in the Ballroom.

... And more details to come!

The Carrack's mission is to empower our community through access to, and expression through, the arts. Just as we encourage artists to take ownership of their work and its presentation in our space, we ask our supporters to determine their ability to give.

We offer tickets at a number of price points to ensure a welcoming and successful fundraising event. Detailed information about the impact of your contribution at all levels is provided in the “more info” section next to each ticket type on the ticketing page. Please select the ticket that best reflects your ability to support The Carrack.

Tickets go on sale at noon on September 1. Please visit for more information and to purchase tickets.


The Carrack is an artist-centered, volunteer-run, zero-commission gallery and event space in downtown Durham, North Carolina. Our mission is to empower local artists to forge productive ties with their community through professional exhibit and performance opportunities. 

The Carrack is run entirely on grassroots donations. We raise all of our operational costs before the start of a new exhibit season so that we can offer free space and creative freedom to artists without added commercial pressure.

Photography by Zoë Pictures


4:00 pm16:00


  • The ArtsCenter

a collaboration by
Mac McCaughan - Music
Sarah Honer - Movement
Amanda Barr - Stage/Costume/Video Design

Dancers: Sarah Wilson, Stella Wingfield Cook & Ginger Wagg   Movers: John Bowman, Skylar Gudasz.

Commissioned for Moogfest 2016, POMS is a collaboration between Mac McCaughan, Sarah Honer and Amanda Barr. McCaughan composed all new music to be performed live on analog synthesizers & drum machines and sent the music to Sarah Honer, who choreographed movement to the pieces for three dancers. Amanda Barr created costumes for the dancers and a stage design to accompany the work. The three elements came together at the first rehearsal here at The ArtsCenter the week of the premiere in May, and this is only the second Triangle performance of the piece. Live music, giant lips, a glittering volcano and yes, poms, are involved!



Mattress Power
Sep 2

Mattress Power

  • SPECTRE Arts

Local painter/collage-maker/musician, Charles Chace premieres a new work, King's Mattress, at SPECTRE Arts.

Part video, part visual installation this work will open with a reception on Friday August 19 and be up for viewing until Friday September 2. 

Created by Charles Chace

Movement with Ginger Wagg

Video by Jesse Paddock

check out an excerpt here

Reflex Arc with Donkey No No (MA)
Aug 18

Reflex Arc with Donkey No No (MA)

  • Nightlight Bar & Club
Trust the Bus Obscura
Aug 27

Trust the Bus Obscura

  • Saxapahaw, NC

Culture Mill presents a second summer season of Trust the Bus. 

Meet in front of the General Store in Saxapahaw, NC at 7:30pm to get on the waiting list if reservations are full. 

Highly recommended.

more information below & at Culture Mill

See you there!


Visual Artist Simon Lee (NYC) will turn the Culture Mill bus into a giant Camera Obscura, and will collaborate with local musicians Kellie Ann Grubbs and Benjamin Trueblood to create this phantasmagoric experience...

REFLEX ARC goes west!
Jul 22

REFLEX ARC goes west!

Bob & Ginger head out for the mini-est of tours. 

Thursday July 21 we play Asheville, NC at REVOLVE

for more info go here!

Friday July 22 we're in Knoxville, TN at Pilot Light

with Jobs & White Gregg

(Ginger's first time in Tennessee!)

Spread that good word and let your people on the west side know we're coming' for 'em!


Trust the Bus
8:15 pm20:15

Trust the Bus

Culture Mill presents a second summer season of Trust the Bus. 

Meet in front of the General Store in Saxapahaw, NC at 8pm

Highly recommended.

more information at Culture Mill

See you there!


Jun 5


  • The Torus Building



The only way to make this happen is by going to: RIGHT NOW!

If we get 25 reservations by 12pm Sunday, June 5, then we will be able to play it again Sam. 

Tell your friends and RESERVE THAT TICKET BABY. 

see you there. 
with love and more, 
Ginger Wagg & Wild Actions



Experiential live movement & music installation 

The Torus Building

947 E. Main St Durham NC

8pm sharp every night

$10-$20 - no one turned away for lack of funds

space is limited, reserve early!

Reservations available here

Part of the Durham Independent Dance Artists 2015-2016 Season

Supported by The Carrack Modern Art & SPECTRE Arts

Parking will be abundant - you can find street parking on E. Main Street as well as the back gravel lot behind The Cordoba Center for the Arts off Morning Glory Ave in the Golden Belt Arts complex. Look for our posters to guide you.

Still want to make a donation to help fund and pay our artists, videographer, set designer, and more? You can! Please visit our Square store to make an online donation. Thank you!


photo: Anna M. Maynard


4:00 pm16:00


  • Durham Arts Council PSI Theatre

a new collaboration by
Mac McCaughan - Music
Sarah Honer - Movement
Amanda Barr - Design

For Moogfest 2016 Mac McCaughan has written an entirely new piece to be performed on synthesizers, in collaboration with choreographer Sarah Honer and visual artist Amanda Barr.

POMS is premiering at Moogfest and will involve multiple dancers - Sarah Wilson, Stella Wingfield Cook & Ginger Wagg along with John Bowman & Skylar Gudasz, Barr's playful costumes and sets, and of course all new music written and played live.

for more information see the Moogfest Event Listing

**You must have a Moogfest pass to enter**

Keep an ear and an eye out for when these collaborators come back together in the Summer/Fall!

AndAlwaysWhy / Preview-Fundraiser-Afterparty
8:00 pm20:00

AndAlwaysWhy / Preview-Fundraiser-Afterparty

  • The Carrack Modern Art

AndAlwaysWhy - a live dance installation by Ginger Wagg
Preview Performance/Fundraiser & Afterparty

The Carrack Modern Art
Saturday April 2
8:00pm Preview Performance
9:30pm Afterparty with DJs
$5-20 suggested donation at the door
(drinks provided by Nightlight Bar & Club!)

with performers:

records a-spinning with:


Auction prizes include:
- Sculpture & screenprints by local artists including:
Charles Chase, John Harrison & Ron Liberti

Gift Certificates
- Carrboro (drinks at OCSC & dinner at Acme)
- Chapel Hill (drinks at Bowbarr & dinner at Lantern)
- Durham (drinks at Alley Twenty Six & dinner at Mothers & Sons)


- Personalized, homemade, specialty cake with consultation by Ginger Wagg

- Private10-card Tarot reading by Patrick Tutwiler

----- ----- ----- -- -- ----- -- -- ------------ -- ------- -- ---- -- ---- ------- -- -

This Preview Performance & Fundraiser will support the creation of Ginger Wagg's first evening length work - AndAlwaysWhy -premiering in Durham, June 2-5, 2016. This live-experiential-dance-installation-walkabout is part of the Durham Independent Dance Artists 2015-16 season. More details at:

CHECK OUT the generous artists donating their work!
Ron Liberti -
Charles Chase -
John Harrison -

& the delicious bars & restaurants you'll be relaxing at soon!

Acme -
Alley Twenty Six
Bowbarr -
Lantern -
Mothers & Sons -
Orange County Social Club -

wanna see some cakes...?