Articulating Value in the Arts Symposium

  • Durham, NC

Official date & time tba!

Sponsored by Culture Mill, AV is co-facilitated by Tommy Noonan, Murielle Elizeon, Chris Vitiello & Ginger Wagg

Check out what we've been up to so far - Articulating Value

This project hopes to seed new opportunities for a diverse arts community through a sustained consideration of the relationship between art and value. The project consists of a series of community conversations, heading toward a more traditionally structured conference late this year and an eventual print publication.

We started last year with small conversations among the core group of four. Then we had a large gathering of around 40 people at the Carrack in Durham. Now we’re facilitating gatherings in the three points of the Triangle—we did one in Durham at the Shed, this one at Anchorlight, and one next month at the Nightlight in Chapel Hill. We’re doing things this way in order to gradually grow this project out of the kinds of casual, personal conversations after gallery openings or during rehearsal breaks that we all have all the time, and that usually end with “we should do X or we should start Y” and then we have a second whiskey or get back into performance mode.

So, those initial small conversations among our core four folks produced a set of 10 big questions about value and the arts. Those 10 questions produced discussion in our first large gathering that headed into two broad categories:

  • The needs, aspirations, and purposes of artists;
  • Both the existing and the missing organizational resources for artists in our communities and cities.

That discussion has prompted a variety of activity in the areas of arts advocacy and resource sharing and development. People are making new relationships with local governments and businesses to create opportunities for artistic projects or new access to spaces. People are launching advocacy initiatives in the context of probable massive changes to traditional arts funding structures. People are sketching out new, more agile arts organizations that could better address needs that aren’t being addressed, or are under-addressed.

Articulating Value in the Arts is an evolving platform, which will end with a large public forum in September of 2017. Below, please find information as to the past and future gatherings, the 10 questions at the core of the project, and how some local and visiting artists have addressed those questions. As the project evolves, this website will contain links to further interviews, writings and initiatives which result from the discussions and gatherings.

- Chris Vitiello, Murielle Elizéon, Tommy Noonan and Ginger Wagg